Frequently Asked Questions

You do earn miles on regular revenue tickets but unfortunately, you do not earn miles on award/mileage tickets. That is the one and only difference between these tickets and the usual revenue tickets that would cost you up to 70% more.

Please call us or send an email for any flight cancellations, date changes, schedule changes, meal requests, etc. We will take care of all your requests.

Of course! You can always contact us for any queries any time. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 24/7.

We accept all credit/ debit cards and take payments through Wire transfer and PayPal.

Unfortunately, No, You wouldn’t be able to change the name on the E-ticket. We need to cancel the ticket and issue it on a different name.

Yes, you can. Simply log in to the airline website and enter booking reference number or E-ticket number and you can review your booking.

Yes. is a one stop travel solution for you. We take care of even the minutest details just to ensure that you have a hassle free travel.

It is always advisable to purchase a ticket as early as possible once your travel plans are set. It is same for award tickets as well but award seats are limited, as airlines release only a few seats for award bookings. These seats can be booked with miles as early as 12 months in advance to get the cheaper fare.

Truly. In spite of the fact that the airlines might be disappointed with this sort of action, as they lose a large number of dollars on each award ticket obtained; it is 100% legitimate. Any legitimately earned individual or business miles, might be reclaimed anyway the proprietor sees fit. Major airlines would profit by having the passengers gather miles and after that basically having them lapse.

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